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    Specially curated for LGBTQ+ individuals in Singapore, we invite you to take your first steps in legacy planning with us. 

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    Draw a line for your legacy.

    For the LGBTQ+ community, without proper legacy planning, your assets will be left in the hands of the state. This means that your assets may not be distributed to your loved ones if the relationships are not recognised legally. We want to empower you to exercise your right in deciding where your assets go.

    It may seem overwhelming, but we’re here to do it together. Live your Legacy provides information for LGBTQ+ Singaporeans to equip themselves with bite-sized information on how to leave their assets behind with a peace of mind.

    Make your decision today and draw a line for your legacy.

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    In Singapore, legacy planning is split into 5 main tools.

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    Legacy Planning 101

    Get the lowdown on everything you need to know about legacy planning


    Distribute your assets equitably as per your wishes when you pass on

    Lasting Power of Attorney

    Appoint someone to act on your behalf should you lose the capacity to do so

    Advanced Medical Directive

    Opt out from life-sustaining treatment if you become unconscious or terminally ill

    CPF Nomination

    Choose who receives your CPF savings when you pass on

    Insurance Nominations

    Distribute your insurance monies as per your wishes when you pass on


    Be inspired.

    Faliqh (he/him)

    Identifies as gay, in a long-term relationship, is Malay and Muslim

    "Dee" (she/her)

    Identifies as bisexual, is Malay and Muslim, relationship status: complicated

    Wei (he/him)

    Identifies as gay, and in a long distance polyamorous relationship


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