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About the Campaign

Live your Legacy is a first-of-its-kind communication campaign aimed at getting LGBTQ+ individuals aged 35-54 in Singapore to understand and take actionable steps in the area of legacy planning.

In doing so, we aim to reduce inequalities faced by members of the LGBTQ+ community in Singapore as opposed to their heterosexual counterparts.

Take a data-driven journey to find out why we're doing what we're doing.


Need for Protection

LGBTQ+ individuals in Singapore continue to face institutional discrimination. Examples include Section 377A, which criminalises gay sex between consenting men, the prohibition of same-sex marriage, and legitimacy status for children born to LGBTQ+ individuals.

These laws form the basis of other forms of institutional discrimination — for example, partners and/or children of LGBTQ+ individuals are denied rights such as making decisions in case of incapacitation, access to their loved ones' financial accounts in times of need, access to medical benefits from insurance policies, and inheritance.

LGBTQ+ individuals thus have an obligation to do their legacy planning to supersede surrogate decision makers appointed by the state.


Average Male Singaporean Life Expectancy


Average Female Singaporean Life Expectancy

Source: Singapore Public Sector Outcomes Review, Ministry of Finance, 2020


Health outcomes

The average life expectancy of Singaporeans rose again in 2020. While that may be perceived as a good thing, it can also spell more problems — we're more likely to lose our mental or physical capacity before passing on, than passing on with our mental and physical capacities in check.

And according to global literature, older LGBTQ+ individuals have worse outcomes of physical and mental health.

Compared to their heterosexual counterparts, older LGBTQ+ individuals have worse outcomes of physical and mental health, such as disability, social isolation and depression

Source: Boggs et al., 2017; Kemp & Kopp, 2011


LGBTQ+ individuals generally have significant wealth to protect

The LGBTQ+ community is known for their 'pink dollar'. It is important to note that this wealth is not equitably distributed across the different gender identities and sexual orientations.

Still, Singapore's Public Trustee's Office can only manage estates valued below $50,000; any higher amount lacking proper legacy planning can result in improper management against your wishes, prolonged disbursement, and pain for your loved ones. The average LGBTQ+ Singaporean thus have significant wealth to protect.

$ 0 bn

Estimated purchasing power of Singapore’s LGBTQ+ community

Source: LGBT Capital Report, 2015

$ 0

Average Singaporean’s estate value

Source: Credit Suisse, 2021

$ 0

Average male same-sex couple expected monthly income at 35 years old

Source: Ministry of Manpower, 2021

$ 0

Average female same-sex couple expected monthly income at 35 years old

Source: Ministry of Manpower, 2021


Age groups that
form the largest pool of CPF monies

Source: CPF Board Annual Report, 2021

$ 0

Average CPF account balance

Source: CPF Board Annual Report, 2021

So are LGBTQ+ individuals doing their legacy planning then?

Our survey of 76 Singaporean LGBTQ+ individuals aged 35-54 uncovered the following figures:


do not have an Advance Medical Directive


do not have a Lasting Power of Attorney


do not have a will


do not have an insurance nomination


do not have a CPF nomination

Why aren't Singaporean LGBTQ+ individuals doing their legacy planning then?

We've summarised 6 common themes that we uncovered from our primary research and local literature.

Lack of access to LGBTQ+ friendly professionals
and resources

Discrimination from
legal and financial professionals


Perception of complexity

Unwillingness to discuss death-related matters

Belief in lack of assets

Live your Legacy. Draw a line.

This is why we launched the Live your Legacy campaign. We stand to empower members of the LGBTQ+ community, bringing them closer to their family and friends with the freedom of choice.

While the community continues to fight the good fight, we believe that knowledge, information, and resources will empower LGBTQ+ individuals to take actionable steps and exercise their existing rights to secure their future.

draw a line.

Our Logo

Much care went into the design of the logo. The main typeface is Gilbert Bold, a tribute font to the designer of the pride flag, Gilbert Baker. The tagline typeface is Freight Sans Pro, a humanist font that balances the campiness of Gilbert Bold, and gives the logo a warm and friendly appearance.

The ‘L’ in ‘Live’ and ‘Legacy’ are combined together to form the campaign motif of a pen. It is a reference to tagline and the adage that ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ — by engaging in legacy planning and signing their legacy planning documents, the wishes of those who do so will live on indefinitely. The red full-stop at the end of “Live your Legacy” is also a symbolic nod to the tagline.

The colours embodied in the logo are a reference to the pride flag, a symbol of the community.

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