Have it your way.
Your CPF monies, your choice.

CPF monies are not covered under a will. A CPF nomination ensures your CPF savings are distributed according to your wishes.


Why You Should Make A CPF Nomination


Nominate anyone you want

You decide who gets what and how much. This can be your LGBTQ+ partner(s), your children, parents, siblings, your friends, or even organisations.

CPF nominations takes precedence over intestacy laws. That means if you include your LGBTQ+ partner(s) and/or your children as your nominees, they will receive your CPF monies as intended. If not, your CPF monies will be distributed as per the Intestate Succession Act.


Faster distribution of CPF monies

A CPF nomination enables your nominees to receive your CPF monies within 4 weeks upon your passing. This can come in handy if they need money urgently for various purposes, such as medical bills, mortgage payments, and other expenses.

If your legally recognised family members cannot be contacted by the Public Trustee Office (PTO), a posting will be made on the government’s Unclaimed Monies website.


It's free, and you can do it online conveniently

With a nomination, there will be no charge when the CPF Board distributes your CPF monies to your nominees.

There is also an option to make your CPF nomination online. Do it all from the comfort of your own home and protect the identities of your nominees.

If no nomination is made, there will be administrative fees charged according to the amount of CPF monies you have.

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Things To Note Before Making Your Nomination


Witnesses for your CPF nomination

You need to have two witnesses who can attest that you have made your nomination willingly and calmly.

Your witnesses cannot be your nominees or an organisation. Don’t forget to inform your witnesses of your intentions for making a nomination, and then confirm your intention when asked to do so by the CPF Board.


Disclosure of your CPF account information

Upon your passing, your (perhaps excluded) next-of-kin may demand to know your accumulated CPF savings, who you have nominated and how much they are receiving.

Your nominees will not know your other nominees, and how much you have in your CPF savings. However, you have the choice to disclose to your nominee(s) so they can reconcile your CPF account information when receiving your CPF savings upon your passing.


LGBTQ+ marriages and CPF nominations

Your CPF nomination will be revoked upon entering a legally recognised marriage in order to allow for any potential changes (such as birth of children).

It is painful that many LGBTQ+ unions are not recognised in Singapore. By making a CPF nomination, your spouse and/or children will be able to receive their rightfully intended distribution of your CPF monies.

What's Involved In A CPF Nomination

Your CPF nomination covers

  • Savings in your Ordinary, Special, MediSave and Retirement Accounts
  • Unused CPF LIFE premiums
  • Discounted Singtel shares

Your CPF nomination does not cover

  • Properties bought using your CPF savings
  • Payout from Dependants’ Protection Scheme
  • Investments made under CPF Investment Scheme

Types of CPF Nominations

You can make 3 types of CPF nominations:


Cash Nomination

Your nominees will receive your savings in the form of a cheque or GIRO.


Enhanced Nomination Scheme

Your savings will be transferred to your nominee’s CPF account.


Special Needs Savings Scheme

Your savings will be sent to your nominees on a monthly basis.

Quick Tip

If you do not select a type of CPF nomination, the default selection will be the cash nomination option.

Where do I go to make a CPF nomination?

Choose between online or in-person options.

Your Singpass is required.

Enjoy the convenience of making your CPF nomination online, anytime, anywhere.

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Service Centres are located in Woodlands, Maxwell, Bishan, Tampines, Jurong.

Make an appointment at least one working day in advance, as counter services at CPF Service Centres are available by appointment only.

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Quick Tip

If you don't have witnesses, consider making a trip to any CPF service centre as the CPF Customer Service Executives can serve as your witnesses.

What happens if I don't make a nomination?


Your partner(s) and/or children may not receive your CPF monies

If you are non-Muslim, your CPF monies will be distributed to beneficiaries according to the Singapore’s Intestate Succession Act.

If you are Muslim, your CPF monies will be distributed to your family members under the Muslim intestacy laws, also known as Faraid. Your school of faith will also be taken into account.

Without a nomination, the distribution of CPF monies may not go as intended and your partner, and/or children, could then be excluded from receiving your CPF monies.

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It takes longer to distribute your CPF monies

Your CPF monies will be handed to the Public Trustee Office (PTO), who will contact your legally recognised family members to claim the CPF monies. This can take up to 8 weeks.

If they cannot be contacted to claim the monies despite all reasonable efforts, the PTO will post a notice of the unclaimed monies on the government’s Unclaimed Monies website.


There will be charges incurred.

The PTO charges a fee for the administration and distribution of your unnominated savings. The fees start from a minimum fee of $15, are GST-inclusive and will be paid out from the CPF monies.​
Amount of CPF monies Charge
For the first $1000
For the next $9000
For the next $240,000
For the next $250,000
For amounts in excess of $500,000